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Why Choose Infinity Technologies

Responsive, Knowledgeable, Dependable

Infinity Technology IT support agent helps Fredericksburg and Richmond companies

Not just our words. These are the exact words our clients say when describing the expert IT services they receive from Infinity Technologies.

Infinity Technologies is an award-winning IT services company based in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Our entire team of trusted IT service professionals specialize in understanding the needs of Small Business from Baltimore to Richmond and all points in between.

Since 1996, Infinity Technologies has focused on delivering innovative information technology solutions and computer services, supporting and helping clients improve their overall efficiencies and profitability of their operations.  Most important, we have helped many of them reduce their IT expenses.

It is no secret, Information Technology has become such a vital part of every business – no matter what industry or profession. And the decisions involved in managing that technology can easily frustrate the average business manager:

  • “Should I hire someone internally to support my staff?”
  • “Am I really buying the right technology?”
  • “And what’s this Cloud thing anyway?”

As an IT support company, Infinity Technologies will help you break through all of the confusion and techno-babble while keeping your team productive and your business profitable.

Our entire team has an extensive background in the areas of phone and data networks, new construction build-outs, medical office technologies, remote network support, disaster recovery, data backup and general IT support. And we constantly strive to provide exceptional customer service in everything we do.

Contact Infinity Technologies to schedule a no-obligation Network Health Assessment, or with any questions you may have about IT security at your office. 

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