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Never feel the panic of losing your data. Be sure your network is prepared for the worst.

In 2012, businesses down the east coast of the U.S. from Boston to Norfolk were negligent and didn’t back up their electronic data—they just didn’t think computer or network failures could happen to them.  Super Storm Sandy, summer thunderstorms and winter snowstorms left these businesses without power; the ability to use the Internet or Intranets; or to access their electronic data; all because they didn’t have a back-up strategy.  The result was a loss of valuable information, resources, productivity, income and eventually their entire business.

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Infinity Technologies support experts help keep your computer systems running smoothlyIt doesn’t take a natural disaster to paralyze your network, though.

Today, businesses of all types and sizes are increasingly dependent on electronic data to operate.  A significant data loss would be disastrous. Data losses can occur due to weather-related incidents like those that occurred in 2012, but according to independent IT research, most businesses suffer data loss due to failure or breakdown of technology.  Another alarming growing trend is theft or corruption of electronic data by employees or external computer hackers.

The sad fact is that few businesses take data loss seriously or have taken the steps to deploy an effective data-protection strategy.  A 2013 survey of small businesses found that nearly 37 percent of the respondents admitted to backing up less than once per month.  And nearly ten percent admitted that they never perform a backup! When was the last time you verified a full data backup was completed on your computer system? Infinity Technologies protects our clients’ data by providing them a full backup plan, and disaster-recovery and business-continuity strategy that includes multiple layers of redundancy for comprehensive onsite and off-site data protection.

A key component of this strategy includes Infinity’s Managed Backup Service that provides for continual 24/7 monitoring of backups and provides emergency responsiveness to any failures, threats or emergencies.  When a threat of lost data is detected, Infinity’s data-protection strategy takes over, protecting our clients’ data; saving them thousands or even millions of dollars, and the survival of their business.

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