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Bring your office with you, wherever you are, with cloud computing and Office 365.

Communicate and Collaborate With State-of-the Art Cloud Computing Technology

To get a competitive edge in today’s global marketplace, small companies require technology that incorporates flexibility and efficiencies into their business processes. Cloud Computing Technology provides this.

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Infinity Technologies is the Leader in Helping Virginia Businesses Transition to Cloud Computing

With the advent of Cloud Computing small businesses now have the option to use feature-rich productivity tools and software without having to purchase, manage and update them. A Cloud-shared infrastructure is like using a utility company—you only pay for what you use.  Upgrades are performed automatically, and scaling up or down is easy and seamless.   Cloud Computing levels the playing field; small business now have access to enterprise services that only large companies could afford to purchase in the past. 

No More Outdated Hardware and Software

Until recently, many companies invested in their own small-business servers to handle collaboration and communication processes such as e-mail, shared contacts, shared calendars, and shared task lists. And due to the tough economic conditions experienced over the last decade, many were forced to hold onto aging and out-dated technology and hardware like their Microsoft Small Business Servers.  In fact the majority of these servers have been in operation longer than four years past their expiration date.  Doing this has actually cost these businesses more in the long run, as they experienced an increasing number of hardware failures and performance issues.

Cloud Computing Provides State-of-the-Art Technology To All

Today, these companies don’t have to depend on outdated hardware and software, or pay for expensive onsite technology solutions such as a Windows Server or Small Business Server.  Now they can move these services to the Cloud. With Cloud Computing they can use of the most state-of-the art technology features for a small monthly fee.

Microsoft Office365 Productivity Tools on The Cloud

Thanks to Cloud services and technology, Microsoft Office365 provides small businesses powerful productivity tools that can be deployed rapidly without frustrating upfront costs or maintenance headaches. These tools are hosted in Microsoft’s secure server facilities and include:

  • Exchange Online – This tool provides users access to e-mail, calendars, and contacts from virtually anywhere, at any time, on desktops, laptops and mobile devices.
  • SharePoint Online – Users can share documents, collaborate on projects, set up Intranet team sites, and manage content for their entire organization.
  • Office Live Meeting – Connecting with colleagues and customers through online, real-time meetings, training sessions and events is a now reality.
  • Office Communications Online – Users can instantly connect with the right people through the applications they use most.  It provides streamlined access to rich presence and instant-messaging capabilities across an entire organization.
Office 365
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